Dana Souders

Final Souders Poster scaledLicensed Massage Therapist and Life Coach

Pursuing the Good Life During a Pandemic: Pause, Connect, Pivot and Re-Design

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 – 7 p.m.
Live Stream Event

We have globally found ourselves in a collective pause from our daily routines and activities.  And in many ways life is now forever changed of how we will move forward.  We are at a crossroads of sorts.  Our nervous systems can be getting quite a workout these past weeks and months and it is important that we meet ourselves and each other with grace.  This talk will include some reflections regarding awareness and what happens in our bodies when we are in extended periods of stress and fight/flight/freeze response.  Some tools on how to calm the stress response by self regulating and co-regulating.  Join in as we explore some ways to support one another in finding our center in the dynamic sea of information and energy.  The Good Life, according to Souders, means being able to create a safe haven for ourself and each other as well as a launching pad of re-designing our lives anew as we move forward.

*Special note to the seniors. Souders acknowledges that many of you may be experiencing a vast range of emotions, possibly high levels of grief or anxiety as a rite of passage in graduating is not unfolding as planned.  Although we cannot change the event that has interrupted the graduating activities…. we surely can honor you and hold you with an open hand as you navigate these uncharted waters.

This event is sponsored by the Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues and is part of it’s The Good Life Series.

Biography (provided by the speaker)

SoudersDana M. Souders is a licensed massage therapist of 22 years, life coach, astrologer and facilitator of awareness and curiosity. She believes we each carry our own answers and are on a path of coming home to ourself. Souders has completed studies in many schools and intensive trainings over her years of service to the community. Her personal journey of having a real and direct experience through life’s pain and joys has been the wisest life lesson of them all. Souder’s greatest devotion and service is creating a space of freedom and love for people to hear their own voice, to find their True North and to live a life that is congruent to the essence of who they are. For over two decades, she has witnessed and supported clients navigating the cycles and seasons of what it is to be wholeheartedly human.  It has been an honor for her to be able to walk with people as they meet their greatest fears and joys. Relationship ruptures and repairs, holding better boundaries, letting go of an old life through divorce or a job change, being with the death of a loved one, retirement, starting businesses, and exploring creative adventures. She bridges a vision of “The Middle Way” where it is possible for us all to be our authentic selves as well as being deeply connected to others.


* 1998 Graduate of The Alternative Conjunction Clinic & School of Massage Therapy in Pennsylvania  (1 year program)

*  2011 Graduate of The Pennsylvania School of Spiritual Healing  (2 year program)

*  2015 Graduate of The Unfolding Moment (2 year program) Based on the work of Barbara Brennan. With a focus in Energetic Anatomy   and how to work with the psychology of the character structures (Schizoid, Oral, Masochistic, Psychopath, Rigid).

*  2015-2016 Completed a (18 month) Cosmic Consciousness Astrology Program By: Stephanie Azaria. Became a Certified Astrologer.

*  2016-2017 Completed a (6 month) Tiospaye-Making relatives Leadership Program.

Level 1 consisted of unpacking and looking at the belief systems that make up our lives. Relationship dynamics.

Level 2  breaking through to new paradigms of leadership, team and responsibility.  Opportunity to redesign ourselves and our worlds.

Level 3 Leadership actively giving back to our communities through right relationship with power and utilizing the “Pillars of Leadership”.  Contribution !!

*  2017 Support staff for level 1 & 2 of the leadership program.

*  2017 – 2018  Graduate of Elevate Life Coaching and Facilitation  (1 year program)

*  2018 Completed Trance Dance Facilitator Program by: Wilbert Alix in Portugal (2 weeks) Utilizing dance and music as a tool to empty out the 4 bodied system (Spiritual, Mental, Emotional,   Physical).  Really love the science and spirituality bridge in this work.

* 2018 Completed Embodiment AND Polarity Teacher Training by: Michaela Boehm and Steve James (2 weeks)  Learned techniques and how to facilitate Non-Linear Movement Method for the    purpose of emptying out the nervous system.  The Polarity teacher training consisted of learning and facilitating 3 groups of exercises. Intimacy, Heart and Polarity.  The first building block of practices brought in intimacy with self.  Knowing what is happening in your own body as well as practicing attunement in noticing what is unfolding in the other person’s experience.   The second building block was connecting deeper with your own heart and bringing alive compassion for the heart of the other.  Now that sameness has been established we moved into learning how to facilitate Polarity exercises that evoke a sense of magnetism from being different. Working with the Organizing Principle (masculine) and Creative Principle (Feminine) and how they can dance in harmony.

* 2019-2020 Deep Psychology of Intimate Relationship (9 month program) Curriculum includes learning how to have lasting, powerful, and supportive relationships with your partner, family, friends and colleagues, for life.  Course work includes: Human development.  Attachment styles that get developed in childhood which in turn get unconsciously played out in adulthood until we become aware of our unconscious patterns of relating.  How to “fight fair” and have a healthy relationship to conflict and repair that builds trust.  How our Nervous System works and how we can interrupt the flight, fight, freeze cycles.