World War I: The Causes

WWI Poster FinalMonday, September 8, 2014
Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium, 7 p.m.


Kamaal Haque, professor, Dickinson College
Craig Nation, professor, U.S. Army War College
Michael Neiberg, professor, U.S. Army War College
Karl Qualls, professor, Dickinson College

In recognition of the centennial anniversary of the beginning of World War I, this panel discussion will address the causes of this world-changing event from multiple and diverse perspectives in an effort to better understand the origins of international conflicts.

This event is sponsored by the Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues.

Biographies (provided by the participants)

haquekKamaal Haque is an assistant professor of German at Dickinson College. His research interests include German film, the literature and culture of the German-speaking Alps, and the influence of the Middle East in German culture. He has published on such diverse topics as the German mountain film, the poetry of Goethe, and Muslim minorities in Germany today. In addition to courses at all levels of German language and culture, he has taught recent courses such as Mountains in the German Cultural Imagination, Minority Cultures in the German Context and Modern German Film. This semester he is teaching German Literature and Culture of the First World War.

Craig Nation has served as a professor of strategy at the U.S. NationArmy War College and a visiting professor of security studies at Dickinson College since 1996. He holds a Ph.D. in modern history from Duke University. Professor Nation specializes in the modern history of the European and Eurasian areas with special emphasis on security affairs and war and peace issues. His publications include War On War (rev. ed., 2009), a history of anti-war movements in Europe during the First World War.

Michael Neiberg is professor of history in the Department of Natiohead shotnal Security and Strategy at the United States Army War College in Carlisle, PA. His published work specializes on the First and Second World Wars, notably the American and French experiences. His most recent book on the First World War is Dance of the Furies: Europe and the Outbreak of World War I (Harvard University Press, 2011). In October, 2012 Basic Books published his The Blood of Free Men, a history of the liberation of Paris in 1944. In 2015 Basic will also publish his tentatively titled TERMINAL: The Potsdam Conference and the End of the Age of Total War in Europe, 1914-1945.

QuallsKarl Qualls is professor of history at Dickinson College and specializes in Russian history. His first book, From Ruins to Reconstruction, details the rebuilding of Sevastopol, Ukraine after World War II. The book illustrates how this city, which is at the center of current Russia-Ukraine tensions, emerged from the war more clearly identified with Russia than the Soviet Union or Ukraine. He is now publishing on child refugees from the Spanish Civil War who were raised in the Soviet Union. He received his B.A. in history and Russian area studies from the University of Missouri at Columbia and his Ph.D. in Russian and East European History from Georgetown University.

Video of the Lecture