Ruthann Russo ’80

Author, Ph.D., JD, MPH, RHIT and Metzger-Conway Fellow

Russo Poster

7 Steps to Your Best Possible Healthcare

Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Stern Center, Great Room – 7:00 p.m.

Book signing to follow.

President Obama has reviewed Dr. Russo’s book and provided supportive testimony for her work regarding how Americans can be proactive in their healthcare planning for themselves and their loved ones. Ruthann Russo Picture

The U.S. healthcare system is complex and challenging, but positive steps can be taken. Dr. Russo’s book, 7 Steps to Your Best Possible Healthcare, was reviewed by President Obama and he provided supportive testimony for her work. The following is a brief outline of the book:

•Step 1: Create Your Vision. Learn to develop a plan for your healthcare and health status using your own values, vision, and mission statements.

•Step 2: Own Your Story. Be informed about your medical records or healthcare biography.

•Step 3: Build Your Relationships. Be aware of your rights and responsibilities as a patient and learn how to improve communication between you and your physicians and other members of your healthcare team.

•Step 4: Assess Quality. Define exactly what quality in healthcare means to you and learn how to use internet-based tools to assess the quality of your healthcare providers and your health plan.

•Step 5: Understand the People. Identify the different types of healthcare providers, how they are educated, and what they do. Be aware of complementary and alternative medicine options and the providers who practice them.

•Step 6: Know the Places. Learn about the many different locations where you can receive healthcare, as well as the difference between teaching and non-teaching hospitals.

•Step 7: Learn the Language. Learn the most common medical terminology, phrases, and abbreviations and learn about resources to find more information on health topics.

Co-sponsored by the Carlisle Area Health and Wellness Foundation, Human Resource Services and Office of College Relations.

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