Mark Alexander, Senior Advisor for Senator Barack Obama

Thursday, March 27, 2008 – 1:00 p.m.
Obama Poster

Stern Center, Great Room

Photos from the Program

Student Comments

Jonathan Roberts

Benjamin Rush and his colleagues understood that American democracy would only survive if its citizens were informed. By bringing representatives of the major candidates to campus, and allowing us to hear their arguments, we can make better-informed decisions about what is politically important to us. I think most Dickinsonians read the news and stay on top of what candidates are doing, but it’s rare that we have the chance to hear it straight from them. That’s unique, and an extraordinary opportunity, and I’m grateful to the College for organizing events like these.

James Liska

I felt that the visits from the Obama and Clinton campaigns demonstrated a high level of interest in this election, but in different ways relating to the different events. For example, President Clinton drew many townspeople and community members, but not predominantly students. The Mark Alexander event, however, featured primarily students. Some students I spoke with looked forward more to the Alexander event than the Clinton event. This gives us interesting insight into what drives the students and what interests students. Regardless, I feel that both events were very well attended and provided good insights into this election cycle.

“Presidential Politics and the Obama Campaign”

The appearance of this campaign representative is at the invitation of the Dickinson College Democrats student organization, with logistical support from The Clarke Forum for Contemporary Issues. Dickinson College does not endorse any candidates for public office and the views or opinions expressed by this speaker are not those of Dickinson College.