Our Programming is Completed for the Spring 2022 Semester

Check back with us periodically to see what it is planned for Fall 2022.

While we work on our programming for the fall semester, there are a few ways to stay connected to the Clarke Forum. You can enjoy our content by viewing past programs and listening to guest interviews conducted by our talented student project managers.

You an also subscribe to our YouTube channel where we broadcast livestreams and our previous programs available for viewing.

Our Theme for Fall 2022  – The Arctic

As global warming starts to drive noticeable climate change, the Arctic is the frontline for many of those changes. This region of our planet, which has a rich human and natural history, has been in general one of the few places where transnational cooperation, through the Arctic Council, has been a dominant theme. But recent events in Ukraine are reaching into the far north, as the other seven countries within the Council have now decided to boycott the Council’s current chair, Russia. The fall 2022 theme will consider the past, present, and future of the Arctic, including social justice issues for Indigenous peoples, ecological change, and how global warming will both impede and foster Arctic development. This theme will illustrate the ways in which the Arctic is a region in transition and that understanding that transition is critical to our collective future.